An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company
Whatever are your requirements in your Needle bearing cages & Precision sheet metal components, VISHAL INDUSTRIES will guarantee production in the most economical method to your specified delivery date.
Nature of Products (Needle bearing cages & Precision sheet metal components)
• Precision sheet metal Components Requiring Operation of cutting, bending, forming, embossing, Deep drowning, Etc.
• The main function of the cage is to ensure the parallelism of the rolling elements-needles can be maintained as the line contact state on the inner and outer orbital plane. This will also allow all needles to withstand the maximum loading without damage.
• If the slot's parallelism is improper, the bearing will be skew and even act as the point contact to increase the loading a lot. It will cause the breakage of the cage, needles, inner and outer easily.
• Make quality needle bearing cages as per your application.
• Machined cages I section and M section.
• Sheet metal cages.
• Needle bearings as per customer specifications.
• Metal Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Etc.
Market catered to
Our services are useful to a very wide range of engineering industries. Few of our many costumer ranges are mention below:-
• Automobile industry
• Textile industry
• Machine tool industry
• Earthmoving equipments industry
• Marine industry
• Railway Industry
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